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Ben Fears

MA Candidate: Medium For the 21st Century: A Manifesto for Queer Pop Performance Art

Graduate Assistant - Interdisciplinary Arts

Pronouns: he/they

Instagram: @Ben_Fears_; Ben’s band’s Instagram: @Thenuclearfatesband

Ben is a songwriter, performer, musician, and interdisciplinary artist. Born and raised playing bluegrass in southern Indiana, Ben was captivated by the power of music and performance to bring people into community with each other. At Gallatin, Ben is practicing an artistic thesis centered on the interactions of collaborative making, musical composition, and performance art. He explores how these mediums are uniquely situated to understand and reflect Trans/Queer experiences in the fight toward soical equity. 

In his creative work, Ben is a founder, songwriter, and vocalist for The Nuclear Fates, a rock band based in the New York City area. Ben has also composed original music for internationally awarded short films like Jester, which won gold in the 2021 Barcelona Film Festival. In his political organizing work, Ben is a recipient of the Terrell Parker LGBTQ+ Community Leadership award for his work in community organizing.  

Ben serves as the Graduate Assistant for NYU’s Gallatin Arts Festival, where they foster creative collaboration, passion for interdisciplinary art, and engagement with the arts for positive social change. 

Ben Fears