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Mustafa Syed

MA: Global Narratives: The Intersection of Islam, Media, and Policy

Dean’s Graduate Scholar: Urban Democracy Lab

Mustafa Syed is a proud Muslim American, community leader, and aspiring storyteller focused on unraveling the intersections of Islam, media, international studies, and public policy, propelling his mission to cultivate a culture of acceptance where individuals are not unfairly stereotyped or discriminated against based on their origin or religion.

He served as the Muslim Student Association (MSA) President for three years at the University of North Texas, where he emphasized fostering a unified Muslim community with a voice in university affairs. His hands-on efforts include the implementation of Halal meals on campus and coordinating a state-wide Muslim student conference. Currently serving as the state representative for Charity Week in Texas, Mustafa worked to organize the largest Charity Week event in the world. This notable event, a part of a worldwide initiative that unites hundreds of institutions, earned Mustafa and his team the prestigious 'International Best Display of Unity' award.

Driven by a profound desire to change prevailing narratives, Mustafa is passionate about using film and other mediums to authentically represent Muslim experiences and perspectives. He aspires to create content that challenges misconceptions, amplifies diverse voices, and fosters a greater understanding of the rich tapestry of Muslim lives and cultures around the world.

During his time at Gallatin, Mustafa looks forward to the opportunity of working with renowned scholars and learning from a wide spectrum of disciplines. Mustafa's ultimate goal is to leverage his education and experiences at Gallatin to create a lasting, positive impact in the world, challenging preconceived notions, and championing the promotion of a more accurate and nuanced representation of Islam in the media and beyond.

Mustafa Syed