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Sabine Doueiry

MA Candidate: Architecture, Performance Studies, Experimental Humanities

Graduate Assistant - Student Life

Sabine is an architect, interdisciplinary artist and performer investigating space beyond its physicality, and its composition vis-à-vis human performative states: She views “space” as an infinite, temporal and poly-dimensional landscape of tangible and intangible perspectives where we are the vantage points of simulation- a viewpoint challenging current-day state of separation and isolation.

Her Gallatin concentration is therefore designed around architecture, performance studies and experimental humanities. Specifically, her lines of inquiry draw from the poetics of space, embodied theatre, dramaturgy and affect studies. By applying performance as a mode of inquiry and practice of sociality, Sabine studies structures of human consciousness and experiments with means for their spatial manifestations. For that, she aims to curate intermedia productions by working across hybrid forms of expression including voice.

Prior to Gallatin, Sabine initiated her ongoing research, Fugue in G Minor: it documents a process of experimenting, in drawing, with space perception, notation and composition by elaborating on her own experience of theatrical body-space entanglement on stage.

Sabine’s career path in inclusive design consultancy, research and advocacy for the inclusion of people with disabilities shaped her specialization in human-centered methodologies, a scope that is part and parcel of Gallatin’s Student Life Office where she attends as a Graduate Assistant. She is happy to create spaces for conversation and connection in support of students throughout their journeys at Gallatin outside the realms of familiarity.

Sabine Doueiry