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Ri Chang

MA Candidate: The Experience of Quotidian Aesthetics through Story, Play, Taste and Space

Graduate Assistant - STAC

Pronouns: they/she

Ri is an experience artist dedicated to exploring and sharing the value of Quotidian Aesthetics, aka the Beauty in Everyday Life. As an extension of their practice, Ri’s concentration at Gallatin revolves around exploring the experience of quotidian aesthetics through the lens of storytelling, play, taste and space.  

Artistically, Ri prefers working in tangible, sensorial mediums, with many of their works manifesting themselves as events, installations, and physical artefacts. Ri’s current body of work revolve around designing and facilitating intentional gustatory experiences that shed light on the stories and delight hidden in everyday life. 

Outside of their art, Ri is a curious soul who enjoys cooking, crafting, and tinkering, often with mischievous and chaotic intent. They believe that creativity and delight are often found when we look outside the ‘intended way’.  

As the incoming Gallatin Graduate Assistant for STAC, Ri hopes to bring an energy of play and mischief to the STAC program, and curate programs and workshops that will make the messy process of stepping into new, unfamiliar mediums less intimating and more enjoyable for the community at Gallatin and beyond. 

You can follow Ri on Instagram at

Ri Chang