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Alexia Leclercq

BA Candidate - Politics and Economics of Inequality

Growing up in various locales, including France, Taiwan, Singapore, and Texas, Alexia was exposed to different cultures and injustices and became passionate about social justice. Her concentration, The Politics and Economics of Inequality, combines the politics, economics, and environmental studies to study the lasting effects of colonialism and how forms of structural oppression are perpetuated. Of particular concern to her are issues around environmental justice. 

Many of her classes at Gallatin have shaped her thinking and informed her activism, such as Vasuki Nesiah’s “Human Rights and Human Wrongs,” Lisa Daily’s “Media and the Humanitarian Impulse,” and Amin Husian’s “Art, Activism, and Beyond.” These classes offered a nontraditional perspective by looking through non-Western and marginalized lenses. This helped her understand the current structures of American and global politics and gave her the theoretical tools to critique and eventually dismantle those institutions. As a direct result of her studies, she co-authored Take This With You, a social justice zine. 

Alexia was selected to attend with Environmental Law and Policy Review Conference through the Dean’s Conference Fund and the Environmental Justice Forum. There, she was able to see the consequences of not including people of color and frontline communities in the environmental movement. Her internship with People Organized in Defense of Earth and Her Resources, an NGO fighting environmental racism in East Austin, Texas, has allowed her to address these concerns. In addition to participating in community organizing and teaching workshops, she researched the impacts of hazardous waste dumping and spoke in front of the East Austin city planning commission to fight for policies that regulate pollution. As the-co founder of Start Empowerment & Salam Clothing, a company that empowers the Muslim community while donating all proceeds to Syrian refugees, Alexia was also a finalist in the ChangeMaker Challenge. She is on the Equestrian team and has also written for EMBODIED, NYU’s student-run arts and culture magazine.

Alexia Leclercq