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Hajra Jamal

BA Candidate – Narrative Medicine and Medical Narratives

Growing up in Jersey City, Hajra had no idea that she’d embark on the biggest journey of her life just across the Hudson River. In high school, she worried about sidelining her love of writing in order to serve people as a doctor. Gallatin has allowed her not only to interweave her passions, but to explore them in ways she never thought possible. As a rising sophomore, she’s at the crux of her pre-health courses and taking the course “Philosophy of Medicine,” which is being taught by her adviser, Gallatin faculty member Bradley Lewis.

Lewis and Anne DeWitt introduced Hajra to the emerging clinical discipline of narrative medicine, a medical approach that studies patient narratives as a platform for improving interactions between patients and their caregivers. She fell in love with the intimate and sincere ideals of narrative medicine and wants to write about the world of medicine as well.

Writing for NYU's Muslim Student Association’s literary magazine, Aftab, ignited Hajra’s interest in writing about her culture and integrating Urdu language into her poetry. In the future, she’d like to use her honed Urdu to work with Doctors Without Borders in Pakistan. A research assistant at NYU’s Neuroscience and Education Lab, Hajra will be a Gallatin Peer Writing Assistant as well as an orientation leader in the fall of 2016.  

Hajra Jamal

"As I'm learning more about narrative medicine, I'm realizing how important it is to listen to stories as well."