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Ileri Jaiyeoba

BA Candidate - Decoloniality and Reparations in Practice and Theory

Growing up Nigerian-American influenced Ileri’s interest in postcolonial studies, political economy, Africana studies, globalization, and social change. While studying away at NYU Accra in Ghana, she began to develop her concentration, Reparations and Decoloniality in Practice and Theory.

In the fall of 2018, she took Ruben Carranza’s “Can the Past Be Repaired? The Dilemmas of Reparations as Justice” and explored how reparations have worked around the world. The course “Critical Race Theory,” for which each session is co-taught by different Gallatin faculty, helped her find a community through the relationships she made with the students and professors of the class and introduced her to the work of philosopher Nelson Maldinovo-Torres. 

During her junior year, she studied away at NYU Abu Dhabi. While there, she took Toral Gajarawala’s “Freedom and Alienation,” a course which encouraged her research the intersections of decolonization and aesthetics. 

With her 2019 Africa House Award, Ileri conducted research in Lagos, Nigeria, based on decolonial aesthetics, interviewing artists who are redefining what it means to be Nigerian. Outside of Gallatin, she is an advocate chair for NYU’s Black Student Union.

Ileri Jaiyeoba