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Judy Luo

BA Candidate - Carceral Studies; Minor: Philosophy

At Gallatin, Judy is concentrating in Carceral Studies—the broad study of social control,  punishment, and discipline—and minoring in philosophy. Her interest in mass incarceration was nurtured and developed by exposure to the works of Michel Foucault which she came across during Eugenia Kisin’s first-year interdisciplinary seminar “Slow Looking.” This course invited Judy to think about punishment beyond explicitly carceral spaces. While taking the first-year research seminar, “American Welfare State,” taught by Jacob Remes, Judy researched police departments and poorhouses and the symbiotic development of the carceral and welfare states.

As a 2019 Gallatin Global Human Rights Fellow, Judy spent a summer in the Dominican Republic where she filmed a documentary about survival after deportation based on the experiences of Dominican nationals who have been deported from the US. During the academic year 2018-2019, she traveled with Dean’s Honor Society to New Zealand, where she and her fellow scholars explored what “simple living” means under capitalism.

She has had experience working both inside and outside the criminal justice system through her internship at Brooklyn Defender Services and through grassroots organizing with Survived and Punished. A passionate prison abolitionist, Judy is still figuring out whether she can do her most effective work inside or outside of the system.

Judy Luo