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Jules Talbot

BA Candidate - Shakespeare in Adaptation

Jules’s concentration investigates Shakespeare’s plays and their changing relevance today. It questions the history and politics of the English literary canon, considering which texts are, or aren’t, included; the dichotomy between so-called high and low art; and how the classics can be responded to, rethought, and expanded for contemporary audiences and readers. An interdisciplinary artist, Jules works in the visual, performing, and literary arts—and wherever they overlap. Her current project is a graphic novel adaptation of Hamlet, which she both writes and illustrates.

At Gallatin, she’s benefited from an independent study on Shakespeare with professor Kristin Horton; a classical acting intensive with Fiasco Theater, Gallatin’s theater company-in-residence; and seminars like “Ancient and Renaissance Festivity: Its Literary, Dramatic, and Social Forms” with her adviser, Gallatin Dean Susanne L. Wofford.

Since 2019, Jules has worked on campus as the Gallatin Writing Program’s book designer, designing school publications including Volumes 18 and 19 of The Literacy Review. In the summer of 2020, she had the opportunity to develop her graphic novel through the Dean’s Award for Summer Research, and presented as a keynote panelist at the annual Student Research Conference. During the 2020-2021 academic year, she received the Newington-Cropsey Foundation Fellowship. Outside of NYU, she is the graphic designer for the Actors’ Shakespeare Project.  

Jules Talbot