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Lewis Fender

BA Candidate - The Dramaturgy of Adaptation; Minor: German

Lewis studies the practice of theatrical adaptation intersecting with theories of the archive and queerness. In spring of 2019, Lewis studied at the NYU Berlin campus where he was able to continue his critical studies of German theater and history. He examines why and how we historicize and adapt narratives and is exploring non-linear time and performance.

Lewis has learned through both classroom experience and practice. In many of his classes, discussions have continued beyond the seminar, including directing an independent study with Gallatin professor Kristin Horton as well as a theater project he is staging with classmate Mouli Ghosh for the 2020 Gallatin Arts Festival.

Since 2019, Lewis has worked as a resident theatre technician for The Jerry H. Labowitz Theatre for the Performing Arts. He is on the executive board for the Gallatin Theatre Troupe—through which he has twice produced the Brandspankin’ New Works Festival. He was dramaturg for Theatre at Gallatin’s production of Henry IV, and has been a dramaturg for a variety of shows around NYU. He is an intern for the theater ensemble Elevator Repair Service and continues to observe, ask questions, and study the amorphous concept of theatrical adaptation.

Lewis Fender