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Mariama Stevenson

BA Candidate - Health and Human Rights Through Racial and Historic Oppression

Born and raised in New York City, Mariama comes from a West African, Fulani household. At Gallatin, she focuses on the intersectionality between health and human rights and is also pursuing Gallatin’s BA/MPH Dual Degree Program. While building a meaningful career in public service and leadership, Mariama intends to analyze how racial and historical oppression of underrepresented communities impact the human rights of others and access to healthcare.

Courses such as “The Concept of Race in Society and History” with Kim DaCosta, allowed Mariama to analyze the social construction of race by questioning how systems of racial classification stem from and facilitate patterns of prejudice, discrimination, and segregation. “Health and Human Rights in the World Community,” with Allen Keller, allowed Mariama to analyze the health consequences of human rights abuses and its connection with racial oppression. She explored how individual and community health can be improved by protecting human rights.

Mariama has been an active volunteer at the Islamic Center at NYU and Islamic Relief’s Charity Week while also serving on the boards of the Muslim Student Association and the Black Muslim Initiative at NYU. She has also served as a 2019 Welcome Week Leader and 2020 Gallatin Orientation Leader. In her free time, she likes to write, play sports, cook, spend time with her loved ones and serve her community.

Mariama Stevenson