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Nell Kirchberger

BA CANDIDATE - Bioscience and Its Perception

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San Francisco native Nell decided to pursue a degree at Gallatin to explore her belief that science does not exist in a vacuum ruled by rationality and uninfluenced by societal pressures. Anne DeWitt’s First-Year Interdisciplinary seminar “Science and Literature” and Gene Cittadino’s “Disease and Civilization” course have influenced the development of Nell's concentration, Science and Society. Her academic work at Gallatin analyzes the impact of history, philosophy, and ethics on scientific practice, as well as the interactions and distinctions between science and pseudoscience.

Outside of Gallatin, Nell assists in teaching introductory molecular biology classes at Genspace, a Brooklyn community biolab. In addition to her interest in molecular biology, she has a passion for food studies that she plans to incorporate into her concentration. Post-graduation, she hopes to pursue a PhD in the biological sciences and continue working as a part of the biotechnology revolution, possibly in the area of precision medicine while emphasizing the necessity of science communication and outreach.

Nell Kirchberger