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Yejin Chang

BA Candidate - Asian American and Zainichi History through Literature

Yejin attended a vocational high school in New Jersey, where she studied business and finance. She entered Gallatin hoping to understand the nuances and stories behind the numbers that power politics and economics. This interest evolved to specifically focus on the absence of Asian American and, in particular Zainichi voices—Koreans who live and work across Japan—in history and political science. At Gallatin, Yejin examines the implications and effects of Asian American and Zainichi exclusion in history and where narratives these communities produce are able to create space for their voices.

Courses that helped Yejin define her interests were Nina Cornyetz’s “From Mishima to Murakami: Post-War Japanese Fiction and Film” and George Shulman’s “American Narratives.” Through an Albert Gallatin Scholars trip to Japan in 2019, Yejin studied Zainichi literature and how its legacy is reflected in Korean American communities. As a main editor for the Literacy Review and managing editor for the Gallatin Review’s Prison Education Program, Yejin has been able to think critically about how creative writing education affects minority voices and the communication of narratives. Yejin is also the Director of Marketing for the Gallatin Law Society.

Independent of Gallatin, Yejin works as the Director of Sales at Washington Square News, an
experience which has broadened her education to include advertising.
Yejin also works as an intern for the NYU School of Law.

Yejin Chang