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Zixin Liu

BA Candidate - Unseen

Zixin, who is originally from China, is interested in psychoanalysis, sociology, and fairy tales and folklore. He is designing a concentration focusing on the impact of storytelling on the mental wellness of children and adolescents. His personal experience of being educated in two different educational systems, along with the course “Global Education in the 21st Century,” which he took while studying away at NYU Berlin, has made him want to explore how his concentration applies to education.

Gallatin courses like Adrian Versteegh’s “Shadow Cities: Shadow Cities: Literary Alterity and Urban Underworlds'' and Eugene Vydrin’s “Ruins, Fragments, and Archives” invited him to explore places that are hidden or rendered unseen. Zixin has used this concept of exploring unseen places to study different narratives, especially those of fairy tales and folktales in which layers of hidden messages exist.

In 2019, Zixin received a Gallatin China Summer Scholarship and a Global Programs Merit Scholarship, both of which allowed him to pursue his interests under different cultural contexts.

Zixin Liu