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Gallatin Clubs

Student clubs at Gallatin support the extra-curricular and co-curricular interests of the student body. Clubs and organizations are open to all Gallatin students, undergraduate and graduate. The Gallatin Student Council supports and oversees all student clubs, including funding and administrative support.  


If you have a great idea for a club that you don't see listed here, please contact Gallatin Student Council at

To find out more about starting a student club or organization, see the Club Policies and Procedures.



Discover clubs at Gallatin focused on different forms of publications


Through showcasing student research, Compass strives to review, publish and archive the best academic and creative work produced by Gallatin students. It is our hope that Compass will inspire and support a new generation of innovative, interdisciplinary researchers able to tackle complex problems in our increasingly integrated world.




EMBODIED is the one and only NYU Gallatin arts and culture magazine that aims to address relevant issues of identity, self-esteem and diversity while promoting an inclusive definition of beauty. Our first issue launched at the 2013 Gallatin Fashion Show and copies are currently available in the Gallatin building.



Ste(a)m Zine

STE(A)M Zine strives to build  awareness and community within Gallatin by showcasing creative student work at the intersection of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, medicine and/or the humanities. The STEAM Zine is vital in increasing STEAM community and appreciation within Gallatin. The students who do STEAM in Gallatin are here because they have a very unique take on these topics and their work does not follow the usual scientific or mathematical paths and does not lend itself to traditional publishing in these fields. Offering students the opportunity to showcase their interdisciplinary STEAM work demonstrates Gallatin’s philosophy of encouraging students to pursue their individual interests when interpreting the world around them. By sharing their unique perspectives, the STEAM Zine introduces new ideas that force our entire community to think differently, which is necessary for progress in our world.



Discover Gallatin clubs focused on professional careers and research

Gallatin Business Society (GBS)

Gallatin Business Society aims to educate the Gallatin community on the topic of business by providing resources, such as seminars, speakers, and group discussion on a variety of business topics. This club is for students interested in the corporate world, whether or not it is a part of their concentration. The club is an outlet for students to discuss current events in business and provides networking opportunities through speakers in a variety of fields.



Gallatin Film Alliance (GFA)

The Gallatin Film Alliance is a student-run organization designed to provide community and resources for uniquely talented NYU Gallatin Filmmakers. By supplying students with equipment, workshop spaces, and informational tutorials, we aim to lower the barrier of entry to filmmakers who choose to not follow a traditional film-making curriculum. 



Gallatin Law Society (GLS)

The students in the Gallatin Law Society hope to propel Gallatin students towards an exploration of how their academic and social interests can intersect with careers in law and actionable missions to realize their goals.



Gallatin Research Incubator (GRI)

The Gallatin Research Incubator aims provides students interested in interdisciplinary research with professional development through workshops, projects, and mentorships, geared at inspiring and empowering students to conduct their own research.


Performance & Music

Discover the Gallatin clubs dedicated to performance and music

Dancers/Choreographers Alliance (DCA)

Dancers/Choreographers Alliance (DCA) is an interdisciplinary-minded, student-organized dance company within Gallatin. We offer the opportunity for dancers and choreographers in Gallatin and throughout the NYU community to come together and create dance works for our biannual showcases in December and May. We encourage process, artistry, and community.  

DCA offers all students the opportunity to dance regardless of their background, technical level, and experience. DCA provides student choreographers with the opportunity to create their work with fellow student dancers, giving them the space to experiment with the choreographic process, create without judgment, and explore their passions through movement.



Gallatin Theatre Troupe (GTT)

The Gallatin Theatre Troupe is dedicated to the production of exciting, interdisciplinary, student-driven projects while in turn building a community of theatre makers within Gallatin.



New Major Records (NMR)

The goal of New Major Records is to provide music-makers at Gallatin & the greater NYU community with a space to create, collaborate, and share their work. We are aiming to achieve this goal through our main two events: general meetings (where musicians come together & do a variety of music-related things) & NMR Live (a monthly-held open mic event in collaboration with NYU Production Lab). Your involvement with New Major Records and our event series will connect you to a supportive network of musicians, producers, and most importantly your newest friends & future fans.



Visual Arts

Discover the Gallatin clubs dedicated to design and visual arts

Gallatin Museum Goers Club (MGC)

Museum Goers Club’s mission is to make museums more accessible to NYU students. We offer admissions, transportation, and group opportunities that make visiting museums stressfree. We also facilitate, among our members, critical conversations about museums and our shared visiting experiences.


Community Engagement

Discover the Gallatin clubs dedicated to community engagement and social justice

NYU Reaching Out (NYU: RO)

NYU Reaching Out is a Gallatin student group focused on mentoring high school-aged women in New York City as they apply and get into college.



Urban Democracy Lab Student Organizers

The Urban Democracy Lab’s Emerging Leaders Program comprises undergraduate and graduate students, as well as alumni, who are committed to social justice and hope to gain experience meeting and working with dedicated urban scholars and practitioners. This is a leadership development program that supports students in stewarding their own programs and events, navigating the terrain of ethical leadership, and building communities based on generosity, inclusion, and shared authority. We particularly value emerging leaders who are self-motivated, collaborative, and committed to practicing ethical leadership skills within the university and beyond.



Discover the Gallatin clubs creating identity-based spaces

Gallatin Disability Collective

The Gallatin Disability Collective aims to provide an open and welcoming space for disabled and non-disabled students alike, where disabled students are celebrated and can participate in mutual support, disability justice activism and advocacy, and expand upon disability studies scholarship across disciplines and in collaboration with other groups on campus.