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Student Council

The Gallatin Student Council (GSC) exists to represent and support the interests and concerns of all graduate and undergraduate Gallatin students within the Gallatin School and the University at large. GSC elects its officers on a yearly basis and, in addition to overseeing all Gallatin clubs, hosts a variety of community-building activities and advocacy events for Gallatin students such as Town Halls, Coffree (an open meeting and discussion time with free coffee), the annual Gallatin Music Festival, and more. Open meetings are held twice a month and all students are welcome to attend and to learn about upcoming student-organized events and projects. If you have any questions or ideas to share with us, or if you would like to learn how to become involved in Gallatin Student Council, please contact us at! Also stay up-to-date on all things Gallatin on the social media platforms we manage: Facebook (, Instagram (@gallatinsc), and Twitter (@gallatinsc).

Get Involved in Gallatin Student Council

The Office of Student Life, along with the Gallatin Student Council, will issue a call for candidates in late March. At that time, students who wish to run for Gallatin Student Council for the following school year will be prompted to fill out an application form. Before submitting an application, please take the time to review the position descriptions, linked below.

Candidates usually campaign for a week in April. Campaigning is supported by the Office of Student Life, and involves several "Meet the Candidates" events.

The Student Government Elections period follows the campaigning period. Student elections are run centrally through the NYU Engage voting platform. All current and actively matriculating First-Year, Sophomore, and Junior Gallatin students are eligible to participate in annual Spring Gallatin elections.

If you have any questions about running for Gallatin Student Council, please do not hesitate to reach out to, or the Office of Student Life at

Gallatin Student Council Position Details


Each member of the Council is required to attend all Council meetings, and each has one vote.


- Ultimately responsible for ensuring the completion of all Council responsibilities.

- Act as the Council’s primary liaison to the School’s administration and faculty.

- Chairs all meetings of the Council.

- The President, or a designated alternate, is responsible for attending all relevant University Committee on Student Life (UCSL) meetings.

Vice President

- Assumes all the powers and functions of the President during the absence of the President.

- Carries out special duties assigned by the Council (e.g. All- University Games Team Captain)

- Shares administrative duties with the President.

- Represents Council on 1831 Committee.


- The Senator will be the official representative of the Gallatin student body and Student Council to the University Senate, Student Senators Council, and University Committee on Student Life, and will participate in the respective functions of each.

- The Senator will be responsible for informing and surveying the student body and Student Council on matters that they or their respective constituencies determine pertinent and necessary for university governance.   

- The Senator will act as liaison between the Gallatin Student Council, the student body and the Student Senators Council and will report back to the Gallatin Student Council General Assembly regarding the activity of the Student Senators Council.

- The Senator will assume all duties and positions assigned by the University Senate or the Student Senators Council.

- The School Council may require a reasonable standard for participation on the part of the Senator in the functions of said council (e.g. The Student Senator is required to sit on a General Assembly committee of their choosing).

- The Senator is responsible for attending all relevant University Senate, Student Senators Council, and University Committee on Student Life meetings which are required to be held on Thursdays from 2pm-7pm.


- Responsible for collecting club budget requests, assisting the Council in fund allocation, keeping detailed records of all financial activities, and processing club, council, and committee transactions.

- Has access to the budgets of all Gallatin clubs upon authorized request.

- Works with the designated administrator(s) to maintain an accurate Council ledger.

- May organize and facilitate budget training workshops for all Club Leaders as needed.

Chief of Staff/Alternate Senator

- Takes minutes and creates agenda the day before every Gallatin Student Council meeting and delivers minutes of open meetings upon request. Is also responsible for reserving larger rooms for the Gallatin Student Council open meetings.

- Is responsible for taking attendance at all Council meetings.

- Checks in with and assists all Council members regarding their respective responsibilities.

- Maintains consistent communication with the GGSO.

- Assumes responsibilities of the Senator in the case of his/her absence. Must be available to attend SSC/USCL/University Senate meetings.

- Monitors Council email inbox and appropriately labels and notifies Council members regarding inquiries.

- As alternate senator, the chief of staff is responsible for attending all relevant University Senate, Student Senators Council, and University Committee on Student Life meetings which are required to be held on Thursdays from 2pm-7pm.

  1. Therefore, eligibility for the alternate senator position is contingent on the person’s availability during aforementioned meetings.

Director of Programming

- Manages and coordinates events held by the Council.

- Oversees the execution and planning of Class Council programming (two per semester, per council).

- Is responsible for attending the administration’s events meetings on Wednesdays from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm. If they are unable to do so, the responsibility must be delegated to another Council member.

Director of Student Affairs

- Acts as the main Council liaison to all Gallatin clubs.

- Chairs all club community meetings.

- Responsible for maintaining communication with all clubs and ensuring that clubs are represented at club community meetings.

- Responsible for maintaining communication with Gallatin Graduate Assistants about club matters.

- Maintains a master calendar of events, including club events.

- Oversees new club application process and club membership trackers.

- The Council will oversee all new club application procedures.

Director of Communications

- Acts as the Council’s liaison to the student body.

- Disseminates the activities of the Council and Clubs to the student body.

  1. In order to facilitate this, the Director of Communications is required to attend all of the “club community meetings” hosted by the Director of Student Affairs.

- Engages with the Student Body to communicate their requests, comments and concerns to the Council.

- Manages social media and newsletter.

  1. The newsletter should feature an open survey for student input about the Gallatin community.

Diversity Liaison

- The Diversity Liaison is a position appointed by the Council that operates as a representative for diversity, inclusion, and equality efforts & initiatives for the Gallatin student body.

- The Diversity Liaison relays concerns, issues, and desires from the student body to administrators about topics stemming from inclusion, equality, and diversity.

- The Diversity Liaison and Advisory Board oversee all initiatives & events concerning inclusion and programming within Gallatin.

- The Diversity Liaison chairs the Diversity Advisory Board and acts as GSC representative so there is consistent communication between the two groups.

- The Diversity Liaison will hold weekly office hours for student body.

Auxiliary Branches

Undergraduate Class Councils

There is one Undergraduate Council per Undergraduate Class stratum. Each Council is charged with representing its respective Class in all relevant matters as well as with developing consistent programming to foster community amongst each respective Class.

Class President

- Ultimately responsible for developing and executing at minimum one class event per month.

- Ultimately responsible for representing their respective class at all GSC Open Meetings and attends all GSC Club Community Meetings.

Class Vice President

- Assists the respective Class President with necessary tasks and duties.

- Assumes all functions and roles of the Class President in the absence of the Class President.

- Supports the respective Class Council by allocating funds for budget and financial activities.

- Records and reports the minutes of all Class Council meetings.

Gallatin Graduate Student Organization

The GGSO is charged with representing all Gallatin Graduate students in all relevant matters as well as developing consistent programming to foster community at the Graduate level. More information can be found here.