There are a number of student publications that are produced by Gallatin students and organizations.

The Gallatin Review

The Gallatin Review, an annual journal of student poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and visual art, is edited by students under faculty supervision. Each year, awards are given to outstanding published works.

The Literacy Review

The Literacy Review is an annual journal of writing from adult literacy programs throughout New York City. Edited by Gallatin students, the book is distributed at a celebration that includes readings by the newly published writers.


Confluence is an online platform for student writing, art, and research. The work published on the site includes teacher-nominated projects generated in courses, extra- and co-curricular projects, and independent projects commissioned by the student editors.


Aiming to capture the zeitgeist from a distinctly progressive vantage point, Embodied covers style, music, art, politics and society, always in tune to the interests of the NYC-based millennial.

Compass: Open Submissions through March 10, 2018

Compass_Open for-Submissions

Compass Gallatin's student research journal, is seeking submissions for our spring issue. Submissions must be academic research papers, 12 pages maximum. Email submissions to


If you would like to learn more about these publications or have questions about how to get involved, please contact Allyson Paty, Writing Program Assistant Director.