Join us for the 10th annual Senior Symposium!
                                 April 18, 2018

The Senior Symposium highlights the diversity of undergraduate scholarship at Gallatin. The annual event showcases a select group of seniors who present live talks that share ideas at the heart of their academic passions. Developed from individualized majors and colloquium topics, the talks span a range of disciplines and are meant to teach and to inspire the community. This year's presenters are:

                          Natalia Barr                        Gabriella Bower
                          Rachel A.G. Gilman           Fiona Gorry-Hines
                          Elaine Lo                            Léah Miller
                          Brennan O'Rourke             Micah Prussack
                          Maria Alejandra Torres       Melody Xu



Senior Symposium 2017

Michael J. Abraham - “woman is perfect:” The Poetry of H.D.

Omayeli Arenyeka - Data, Beauty, and Action

Hannah Baek - Reimag(in)ing North Korea

Felix Ho Yuen Chan - Chinese Contemporary Art

Kyna McClenaghan - Feminist Interventions in Tech-Noir

Nieve Mooney - Storytelling as Social Change

Katie Shane - Memorializing the Void

Hannah Treasure - Educating to Empower: The Politics of a Creative Writing Classroom

Trudy Wurm - Title VII: Sexual Harassment Litigation

Senior Symposium 2016

William ‘John’ Belknap, Jr. - Queer Art, Queer Desire

Jacob Ford - Tomographic Topography

Natalee Ho - Critical Faith: International Law, Human Rights and the “Third World”

Adam Sperry - Subprime Understanding

Senior Symposium 2015

Julia Lee - Art in the Anthropocene

Megan Powers - Beyond Partisan Politics

Senior Symposium 2014

Rachel Brazie - Towards a Haunted Community

Nicole Johnson - The (Re)birth of the Double Consciousness