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Year in Review 2015-2016

Gallatin buzzes with energy and possibility. Every week, the calendar is packed with events—from club meetings to guest lectures to performances—all of which provide spaces for our community to gather, debate, learn, and discover together.

In 2015-2016, we hosted world-renowned guest speakers and student-led productions, enjoyed a week-long arts festival, and had the honor of seeing a Gallatin senior speak on behalf of all of the 2016 BA candidates as the NYU Commencement speaker.

Senior Robert Clinton delivered his speech at Yankee Stadium on May 18, 2016. At Gallatin, Robert studied Urban Agriculture and he will go on to do graduate work at University College London as a Marshall Scholar, where he will pursue a Master of Science in Sustainable Urbanism and Master of Research in Interdisciplinary Urban Design.



To read more about the programs or events pictured below, search Gallatin's site. You can keep up-to-date with Gallatin by following @NYUGallatin on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Check out these student-created posts:

The images below offer a glimpse into the passion and vibrancy that are synonymous with Gallatin.

Gallatin Arts Festival

Dean's Honor Society Visits the Galápagos Islands

Gallatin Fashion Show: TechStyles

Guest Lecturers

Gallatin faculty members and students staged an action in Washington Square Park in NYC in support of #COP21 for a Climate Deal Now!
Sponsor: Global Design NYU; Director: Keith Miller; Camera & Editor: Maria Juranic; Still photos: Em Watson

Black History Month

Fall Mainstage Production: Diamond Alice

Gallatin Gallery Shows

Faculty Works In and Of the World