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Year in Review 2016-2017

In 2016-2017, we hosted world-renowned guest speakers, celebrated 25 years of the annual Gallatin Arts Festival with over 50 student artists, and imagined Gallatin in 2061. The images and videos here offer just a glimpse into what happens at Gallatin. In addition to the below, our students are building their concentrations, connecting ideas, topics, and genres with faculty in seminars, presenting their research, interning with leading organizations, and taking advantage of all New York City has to offer.

The School of the Earth is a future for NYU Gallatin that is about the environment and adapting to the new climate ahead of us. It incorporates a sustainable way of life and understanding of human impact on the environment into a university curriculum that is also more accessible and focused on creative and innovative learning. This School of the Earth is also about an NYU Gallatin community that is aware of, interacts ethically with, and learns from the surrounding communities. This building is redesigned as a space that promotes these ideas, and actively encourages environmental awareness and sustainable living.

Guest Lecturers

Gallatin Arts Festival Turns 25

The Albert Gallatin Scholars (AGS) program offers selected entering Gallatin undergraduate students of exceptional ability an enriched educational and cultural experience that includes special seminars, intellectual mentoring, and international travel opportunities. AGS traveled to South Africa in 2016.

Theater at Gallatin presents: Antigone

Black History Month

Gallatin Fashion Show

Past Years in Review