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11 Mar
Jerry H. Labowitz Theatre for the Performing Arts
Mar 11, 2013 | 5:30 PM-9:30 PM


Dakar 2 NYC: Global Hip Hop Exchange

A panel discussion and concert linking hip hop artists and activists across the Atlantic.

The panel will bring together artists, musicians, and scholars for a discussion of the role of hip hop as a tool for social change in the US and in Senegal. Following the panel and a brief intermission, the concert will showcase Senegalese and US hip hop artists alongside a traditional Senegalese orchestra in an unprecedented fusion of African and African diasporic musical genres.


M-1 (Dead Prez)
Mutulu Olugbala, also known as M-1 of the hip-hop group dead prez, is an internationally renowned artist and activist. He is also a member of the music group AP2P, a guest lecturer, and a contributor to numerous books. His most recent release is Dead Prez's Information Age.

Thiat (Keur Gui)
Cheikh Oumar Cyrille Touré (aka Thiat ("Junior") is a rapper and social activist from Kaolack living in Dakar. He founded the group Keur Gui with his childhood friend Landing Mbessane Seck (aka Kilifeu). Thiat and Kilifeu founded the Y'en a Marre ("Enough is Enough") youth movement in 2011 which fomented Senegal's pro-democracy opposition in 2012 and which continues to fight for social justice and political accountability in Senegal.

Foumalade (Batthaillons Blin-D)
Malal Talla (aka Foumalade) is a rapper, producer, and social activist from Guédiawaye, on the outskirts of Dakar. His group, Batthaillons Blin-D was founded in 1998 and their first album, 2 Gun Taan, was released in 2003. Talla is one of the leaders of the Y'en a Marre youth movement that played a key role in mobilizing democratic practice in the contested Senegalese elections of 2012. He has also worked extensively to use hip hop as a tool to fight for prison reform.

Bryonn Bain (NYU)
Bryonn Bain is a prison activist, spoken word poet, hip hop artist, actor, author and educator. After launching the "Lyrics on Lockdown" national prison tour/campaign, Bain created the university course by the same name to link students at Rikers Island prison to NYU, The New School, Columbia, and has performed the hip hop theater/spoken word production "Lyrics from Lockdown" for sold-out theaters on three continents worldwide.

Rosalind Fredericks (NYU)
Rosalind Fredericks is an Assistant Professor at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at NYU where she teaches on the political economy of development, postcolonial urbanism, and African politics. Trained as a cultural geographer, her research is focused on social movements in contemporary Dakar, with a particular focus on the politics of hip hop.

Martha Diaz (NYU)
Martha Diaz is a community organizer, media producer, archivist, social entrepreneur, and an Adjunct Professor at NYU's Gallatin School. Diaz has been dedicated to innovating communities, advancing social justice, cultivating leaders and artists, and mentoring youth for nearly 20 years.

Ben Herson (Nomadic Wax)
Ben Herson is the founder and CEO of Nomadic Wax - a New York based social enterprise that uses music, media and the arts to promote cultural exchange and global education. Herson is also an award winning filmmaker, music producer, musician and educator.


7-9:30pm CONCERT

Bryonn Bain (NYU)

Farbeon (NYU)
Fabian “FARBEON” Saucedo is a Brooklyn-based artist, educator and agent of change. He is the founding director of the Hip Hop Re:Education Project and an M.A. student at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study. Farbeon is dedicated to supporting and documenting Global Hip Hop history and culture in order to bring about dialogue and understanding, to fight injustice and oppression through activism and advocacy, and to pave the way for the next generation of Hip Hop ARTivists.

Baay Bia (Senegal)
Baay Bia is a Senegalese composer and rapper who fuses traditional music with hip hop for a fresh contemporary sound. Dividing his time between New York and Dakar, Baay Bia performs widely in both countries. Hailing from a griot family, Baay Bia is also engaged as a social and environmental activist and has worked to raise awareness about issues related to marine pollution, migration, corruption, and AIDS, amongst other topics.

Keur Gui (Senegal)
The rap group Keur Gui is comprised of rappers Thiat and Kilifeu, plus DJ Gath. The group hails from the Senegalese city of Kaolack and is known for its politically engaged and often often controversial lyrics. Both Thiat and Kilifeu are founders of Y'en a Marre and have each done jail time for denouncing political corruption.

Foumalade and Batthaillons Blin-D (Senegal)
Batthaillons Blin-D is a rap group based in Guédiawaye that was founded in 1998. The group is composed of the following artists: Foumalade, Faxman, Krumah, Nigger Ahmed, and DJ Alla. They have toured widely in West Africa and are in the US for their first American tour to promote the release of their 2012 album, Résistants.

M-1 (Dead Prez)