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15 Sep
The Jerry H. Labowitz Theatre for the Performing Arts
Sep 15, 2018 | 12:00 PM-6:00 PM


Gallatin Film Showcase

The Gallatin Film Showcase is a celebration of the rich cinematic community that thrives within Gallatin. Gallatin’s student club, the Gallatin Film Alliance (GFA), has curated the Showcase’s films. Since its founding in 2015, the GFA has created a space in which students encourage one another and work together to realize their filmmaking aspirations. This shared support has allowed for the participants to collaborate, explore and innovate, solidifying Gallatin’s place in the NYU filmmaking community. This is evident in the unique lineup of narrative, musical, documentary and experimental works in this showcase. There will be open screenings throughout the day as well as a Q&A panel with Gallatin professors Keith Miller, Selma Thompson, Pedro Cristiani, and Imani Douglas.  


Block 1 - Alumni Films
Thin Ice - Joosje Duk
Yesterday's Forecast - Colleen Baird
Like Fine Silk - Sandra Manzanares and Ben Mankoff
Jared - Stefanie D'Agostini
Night - Joosje Duk
A Blessing in Disguise - Jack Parker Elliot

Block 2 - Class Films
On a Bed of Ashes - Katelyn Fournier (Independent Study with Professor Pedro Cristiani)
Nic & Nochi - Jalen Jackson (Tutorial with Professor Keith Miller)
Lola - Kathy Lin ("Write! Shoot! Edit!")
Doomsday - Lachlan Hyatt ("Sight & Sound")

Block 3 - Independent Films
Sickles St. - Sam Hafferty
Subway Platform Before the End of the World - Graham Litten
Restoril - Emi Helfrich
Heist - Nicolas LeBrun
Army of One - Carlos Maldonado