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17 Oct
The Jerry H. Labowitz Theatre for the Performing Arts
Oct 17, 2018 | 6:00 PM-8:00 PM


Gallatin and Fashion: Transitioning to a Career in the Fashion Industry

The Practicum in Fashion Business classes are proud to present Gallatin alumni in a discussion about the challenges and rewards of transitioning from university to a career in the ever-evolving fashion industry—from design to editorial to merchandising, marketing, operations, and e-commerce. Hear from Giulia Berrebi (BA '14, public relations, Chanel), Layla Ilchi (BA '16, assistant editor at Women’s Wear Daily), Victor Leonard (BA '18, Markarian), and Lydia Park Luis (BA '92; SPS MS '98; CEO of Jack Rogers).

In 2014, Giulia Berrebi (BA '14) joined Chanel's Public Relations department, covering fashion, watches, and fine jewellery, and focusing on media placement and analysis. Berrebi has taken on the role of Analytics and Corporate Public Relations specialist, where she focuses on data-driven insights and advanced social analytics.

Layla Ilchi (BA '16) is an assistant editor at Women’s Wear Daily, where she reports on beauty industry and entertainment news. She previously worked as the assistant beauty editor at Stash Beauty and has written for publications like The Cut, V Magazine and Nylon Magazine.

Victor Leonard (BA '18) graduated from Gallatin with a concentration merging fashion design, fashion theory and sociology. After internships and work in fashion PR, Leonard has turned to the brand side of the fashion industry, working with Markarian, a small, emerging brand based in NYC. As the brand's only fashion assistant, Leonard handles production as well as special events and projects to PR.

Lydia Park Luis (BA '92; SPS MS '98) is CEO of Jack Rogers, an iconic footwear brand founded in 1960, which will re-brand and relaunch in 2019. Park Luis began her career in corporate finance and publishing before founding her own Swiss-based e-commerce company in 1999. Previous roles include head of business planning for Global Marketing at Swarovski; the director of international sales at Coach, Inc.; executive vice president for Tory Burch; and CCO at rag & bone.