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26 Feb
Feb 26, 2021 | 12:30 PM-2:30 PM


Building the Bridge to Recovery: How Workers Can Lead on Climate Justice

New Ideas in Climate Change and Critical Disaster Studies

Too often, workers and their communities bear the brunt of the displacement, dislocation, and danger that come from climate change. As the world necessarily moves from a carbon economy, how can workers make sure their voices are heard and their needs are met? Transition is assured – but justice is not. How do we organize and plan for a just transition from carbon? Join us for the first public event of the Initiative for Critical Disaster Studies at NYU Gallatin for a lecture on how workers can lead on climate justice. Jacob Remes will introduce carpenter John Cartwright, president of the 220,000-member Toronto and York Region Labour Council, and a leader in the conversation about climate change and just transition.


Critical disaster studies is an emergent interdisciplinary field in the social sciences and humanities that takes as its starting point that the very category of disaster is constructed, a political distinction that designates some suffering as normal and some as abnormal. Critical disaster scholars aspire to understand the experience and politics of people who are most at risk of this suffering, and to foster and contribute to their efforts to build more just, equal, and safe communities.The new Initiative for Critical Disaster Studies at NYU Gallatin seeks to foster this emergent field both within NYU and in the broader academy. To celebrate the launch of the Initiative, have invited three thinkers, organizers, and activists to share their New Ideas in Climate Change and Critical Disaster Studies.


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