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15 Dec
Gallatin, Room 527
Dec 15, 2022 -Dec 16, 2022 | 9:00 AM-3:00 PM


MA RAW Forum

The MA RAW (Research and Writing) Forum gives Gallatin MA students the opportunity to share their research and ideas with students,  faculty, and staff, making connections in an intellectually engaged, supportive environment. This year’s presenters are Chiara Berra, Martine Duffy, Connor Durkin, Dara Epstein, Ben Fears, Fion Fong, Charli Fritzner, Shannon Gaffney, Talia Gutin, Margaret Hall, Jennifer Li, Nathaly Luna, Gabriela Macias, Julianne Mason, Nessie Navarro, Noah Nethery, Abby Palfreyman, Fia Putri, Macarena Ramos, John Rediske, Kat Scott, Holly Seefeldt, Caleb Shoemaker, Micaela Suminski, Aiyuba Thomas, Christine Thomas, Juana Urrea, Ellen Warkentine, Patience Williams, Lezhong Yang,  Conny Zhao, and Mengyang Zheng.


Thursday, December 15 - 10 am–3 pm


PANEL ONE - 10–10:50 am

Ellen Warkentine

Adapting Anais Nin’s Fiction As Site-Specific Cabaret: Immersive Theater and Modern Ritual

Kat Scott

Queer Experience Design in Virtual Communities

Aiyuba Thomas

The Rock: What To Do To Our Monuments? Dismantle, Maintain, and/or Repurpose

Fion Fong

The Sublime and the Mundane: An Exploration of the Everyday as an Artistic Subject

Faculty Commenters: Lauren Walsh and Todd Porterfield


PANEL TWO: 11–11:50 am

Caleb Shoemaker

Aural Sex: A Typology of Gay Pornographic Vocalization

Patience Williams

Production of Social Space in Dominica

Conny Zhao

Songs of the Steppe: Exploring the Relationship Between Vocal Technique, Landscape, and Ethnic Identity in Mongolian Urtyn Duu

Abby Palfreyman

Queer Mormons: How Identity Impacts Belief and Practice

Faculty Commenters: Rosalind Fredericks and Julie Malnig


LUNCH BREAK  12–1 pm


PANEL THREE: 1–1:50 pm

Ben Fears

A Medium for the 21st Century: A Manifesto for Queer “Pop Performance Art”

Micaela Suminski

Occupy Sandy: An Oral History, A Decade’s Retrospective

Charli Fritzner

System Change or Climate Change? The Contribution of Social Movements to the Advancement of Climate Justice

Nessie Novarro

Gentrification as Settler Colonialism: The Physical and Ideological Transformation of San Francisco’s Mission District

Faculty Commenters: Karen Holmberg and Judith Sloan


PANEL FOUR - 2–2:50 pm

Macarena Ramos

Analyzing a Holistic Transitional Justice Approach Using Community Engaged and Participatory Art with Victims and Survivors of Human Rights Violations

Martine Duffy

Shekhinah in Exile: Performing the Midnight Prayer

Juana Urrea

Navigating New York

Dara Epstein

On the Musical Parade and the Brutality of Racism

Faculty Commenters: Karen Hornick and Judith Sloan


Friday, December 16 - 9 am–2 pm 


PANEL ONE - 9–9:50 am

Julianne Mason

Sound Art and Design in History and Practice

Shannon Gaffney

When the Fat Lady Sings: Prima Donna Physiques and Broadway Bodies

Margaret Hall

Stephen Sondheim's Archetypal Assassins

Chiara Berra

Ironic Literature: Private Uncanniness and Public Redescription

Faculty Commenters: Sara Murphy and Jerome Whittingon


PANEL TWO - 10–10:50 am

Connor Durkin

The Cyborg Comes to Age: Donna Haraway’s Figures in Children’s Television

Talia Gutin

Solitude and Selfhood

Noah Nethery

End-to-End Generation of Piano Sonatas with Deep Learning

Fia Putri

Diversity in Unity: Counter-Hegemonic Filmmaking in Indonesian Mainstream Cinema

Faculty Commenters:  James Felder and Andy Romig


PANEL THREE - 11–11:50 am

John Rediske

Aesthetics and Technology: Philosophies of Perceptions

Holly Seefeldt

Fell On Black Days: Alternative Rock and Mental Health in the Pacific Northwest and New Zealand in the 1990s-2000s

Lezhong Yang

Roaming in Museum Space

Christine Thomas

The Art and Practice of Teaching Documentary Filmmaking to Youth in Community Spaces

Faculty Commenters: Jamie Berthe and Trevor L. Jockims




PANEL FOUR - 1–1:50 pm

Gabriella Macias

Looking Back to Move Forward: Pachucas and the Unsung Tastemakers of Fashion

Jennifer Li

Government Policy and the Shaping of Consumer Culture in China

Mengyang Zheng

Fast Forward and Rewind: Women in Chinese Indigenous Documentaries, 1990 to 2000

Nathaly Luna

Mujeres (In)visibilizadas: Arab Migrant Women in Dominican History (1883-1930)

Faculty Commenters: Jamie Arrodondo and Hannah Gurman


NYU is a vaccinated community.  All members of the NYU community are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and receive a COVID-19 booster shot (if eligible for the booster based on CDC criteria).


New York University and Gallatin provide accommodations to people living with disabilities who wish to attend events at the School, whether in person or virtually. To request accommodations or should you have questions regarding accessibility for an event, please contact Gallatin’s Office of Special Events by emailing