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Applying to Gallatin

The Fall 2023 MA Application is now open. 

The deadline for the MA Application has been extended to July 1, 2023

Gallatin offers the rare opportunity for students to combine course work in the various graduate schools throughout NYU with Gallatin courses, independent studies, tutorials, internships, and private lessons in the arts. Our MA students come from a wide range of undergraduate disciplines and professional fields. We have found that students who enter Gallatin with clear and focused academic interests benefit the most from our interdisciplinary approach.

The Fall 2023 MA Application is now open. 

Statement of Purpose

An essential component of the application is the Statement of Purpose. The Faculty Admissions Committee gives great weight to this essay in evaluating the soundness, feasibility, and focus of your program at Gallatin and to gauge your preparation for the course of study you are proposing.

In the Statement of Purpose, you will describe the educational goals that you would like to accomplish through the MA Program; the academic, professional, or personal experiences that have prepared you for graduate work in this concentration; and a tentative list of specific courses that might constitute your program.