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Co-Curricular Programs


Co-curricular programs give students the opportunity to engage in academic conversations outside of the classroom. These programs may complement your academic inquiries, or may expose you to a topic or issue outside of your studies. Co-curricular programs often involve Gallatin Faculty members, alumni and outside community members.

Gallatin Community Coffee House

The Coffee House furnishes a space for Gallatin students, faculty, alumni and community members to discuss a charged topic in an unconventional, uncontrolled manner. Each coffee house features a panel comprised of faculty, students and alumni. Coffee houses happen at least twice a semester. Past topics have included UnNatural Diasters, Religious Freedom in America, and What is Art? We provide the coffee -- and you provide the conversation. If you have a topic you would like to be considered for a coffee house, please contact the Office of Student Life at

Affinity Meet-Ups

Affinity Meet-Ups consist of a like-minded group of students who plan an outing to a place or event based on a shared interest, similar to the Affinity Group outings that happen for incoming students during Welcome Week. If you have an idea for an Affinity Meet-Up, contact the office of Student Life at


This program provides Gallatin students with an opportunity to have a discussion with other students, faculty and external guests on a topic pre-selected by the host. Any member of the Gallatin community may host and submit a proposal for a Dinealogue. Unlike the Coffee House, the size is limited to 15 students, and happens at a venue outside of Gallatin. Please submit a proposal for a Dinealogue.