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Student Publications

There are a number of student publications that are produced by Gallatin students and organizations.


If you would like to learn more about these publications or have questions about how to get involved, please contact Allyson Paty, Writing Program Assistant Director.


Submission Opportunities



"Embodied Magazine, Gallatin’s arts & culture publication, is receiving submissions for its first-ever zine, titled DISEMBODIED. The zine is a satire on the upcoming issue’s theme: “Print is Dead.” Creation of the zine will be approached from the idea that we actually are living in a postmodern, ultra-futuristic society. (Think, Jimmy Neutron but rather than clay human figures with large heads, we’re actually all robots who eat gigabytes instead of milkshakes.) 

"Content will range from prose and poetry about what it’s like to live in this cold, tech society; crossword puzzles; art collages; faux cultural critiques; unorthodox recipes; cartoons; and more. It will run 20 pages. Deadline for submissions is: Monday, October 8th.  Email with the subject line “DISEMBODIED - Submission” with any contributions." The Editors