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Core Components


The core curricular components consist of the various courses taken across the University, as well as courses within Gallatin (interdisciplinary seminars, advanced writing courses, arts workshops). Some specific courses are required for the degree, while others are required to fulfill the foundation requirement. The culminating degree requirement is the senior colloquium, a final oral examination, which provides an opportunity for students to reflect on their Gallatin concentration and to synthesize various learning experiences into an integrated discussion of several books and themes, from classical to modern.

Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is a key part of the Gallatin curriculum, bridging the gap between the classroom and the outside world.  From global study to internships to courses in the Community Learning program, students are given the opportunity to combine community-based action with intensive reflection, to explore the relation between theory and practice and to develop skills and knowledge that will contribute to social change as well as to intellectual, personal, and professional growth.

Student-Directed Learning

Student Directed Learning

Gallatin offers students an opportunity to pursue their interests through a variety of alternatives outside the traditional classroom: independent study, tutorials and private lessons. The faculty encourage students to use these learning formats when appropriate.

Cross-School Study

Student Directed Learning

Gallatin students may take courses in most of the schools, departments and programs of NYU. Each semester there are several hundred courses to choose from, many taught by some of the country’s leading research scholars and teachers. While Gallatin students must comply with each school’s policies about prerequisites and requirements, including restrictions in particular programs, the opportunity to take courses throughout the University enables them to develop a unique, interdisciplinary program of study.  In addition to taking courses in other NYU schools, students may pursue a number of other ways to collaborate with other NYU schools.     

The Structure of a Four-Year Program

Student at Gallatin

Gallatin undergraduates mark their progress by fulfilling a set of expectations defined for each year of study. Here are some of the highlights for each year.




Molly Gilbert

Molly Gilbert

Molly's concentration on human rights, social justice, and Latin American studies led her to take classes in Spanish, photography, and …
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